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  • Take Agility to the next level and learn critical Agile project management knowledge as advocated by PMI
  • Avoid wasting time and money in reading all 11 "helpful" books (4,500+ pages) with duplicate and inconsistent content
  • Prepare for PMI-ACP exam and gain 21 Agile training hours towards obtaining PMI-ACP® certification
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world-wide leading body in assessing project managers in their quest of continuous improvement. Agile project management has been embraced by PMI since 2011 and is assessed by issuing the PMI-ACP® (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner) certification to people who pass the corresponding exam. The application for PMI-ACP exam has to be done via the PMI-ACP application page.

In this PMI-ACP Exam Preparation course (PEP) participants learn the critical Agile practices for each of the following knowledge domains as listed in the "PMI-ACP examination content outline:
  1. Value-driven development;
  2. Stakeholder engagement;
  3. Boosting team-performance;
  4. Adaptive planning;
  5. Problem detection and resolution;
  6. Continuous improvement.
The training is highly interactive and focuses on the topics that provide the participants with the highest value. The training also eliminates the major pitfall of wasting significant amount of time in reading all the 11 "helpful" books as listed in "PMI-ACP examination reference list". For experienced Agile professionals the material might be redundant and the books even contain duplicate or inconsistent content.  Worst case, it might miss Agile practices the participant could most benefit from.

Finally, this course allows the participant to claim 21 PDU's from PMI which can be used to comply with the Agile training requirement to be eligible for the exam.

Please consult the Agile Course Portfolio for more details.