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Cynefin Framework

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Agile is all about being able to effectively operate in an ever changing market environment. Hence, your people will need to adopt Agile knowledge, skills and habits to deliver awesome products to your customers using a fast flexible flow. For delivering complex products within a complex environment (see also the Cynefin framework as shown in the diagram on the right), Agile services will provide experienced support in creating awareness, desire and ability to adopt an Agile approach that will turn cooperating individuals into collaborative high-performance teams.

The the table below allows you to quickly find the our most suitable service, or combination of services, for you and/or your organisation for adopting an Agile approach. Overall, expect these Agile services to be highly interactive, practical and challenging to enable you to improve your value delivery chain, productivity and predictability.

All listed services are based on the following foundations:
    1. Underlying principles as defined by the Agile Manifesto , Lean Software Development and the Declaration of Interdependence – Understanding these principles is critical for participating in Agile projects and will promote adoption and avoid resistance with team members, management and other stakeholders when confronted with new Agile practices. Becoming Agile is a paradign shift and with principles we understand the vision and see when we're gravitating back to ineffective habits. And of course, an Agile approach complies PRINCE2 and PM-BOK methodologies because these were always established with product breakdown structures (instead of work breakdown structures) and progressive elaboration (instead of waterfall) in mind;
    2. Guiding values and practices as advocated by Scrum, DSDM  and XP frameworks – Comprehensive Agile software development within your corporate environment is only possible by combining these complementary approaches. XP (eXtreme Programming) is established by the software development industry and provides a synergistic set of practices that is the engine for delivering awesome software at a sustainable pace. Scrum is established by the project management industry and is a management wrapper around XP that allows you to manage a project using empirical process control. Finally, DSDM (Dynamic System Development Methodology) is a governance wrapper around Scrum and allows Agile projects to seamlessly integrate in your project governance model using for example Prince2 as methodology;
    3. Establishing context-specific practices that work for YOU – All presented Agile practices are simple, highly visual and valuable. This allows you to inspect the fast flexible flow and easily adapt it to your specific situation.
    Lean Agile Enterprise Transition
      Business and IT ManagementSeveral short presentations, sessions and assessments are provided for management, stakeholders and teams to create awareness and desire to adopt a Lean Agile approach. Just like business units, people in Lean Agile environments need to be empowered to become high-performance teams and overall performance should be measured by the delivered business value given the financial investments. For management this implies a shift in focus away from (micro-)management of teams towards supporting teams by removing impediments and leading business change to maximise business benefit realisation. The goal of this set-up is to have an operational Enterprise Transition Community (ETC) that has a vision, and capabilities, to transition the enterprise to a more Lean Agile future.

        Agile Scrum Master Build-Up
          Product Managers/Owners and Project ManagersSeveral interactive training sessions are provided for a group of managers to initiate an Agile Scrum product delivery approach. The Scrum framework is taught, with its roles, events & artefacts, and aligned with existing software management practices. Using existing projects the participants are coached in Agile planning and estimating, product visioning, product road maps, release planning, sprint planning and story writing. The goal of this build-up essential management capabilities and habits to control complex product delivery.

            Agile Scrum Team Start-Up
              Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Development TeamsDuring the first few iterations (3-6 weeks) coaching, training and support is provided to get specific Scrum team up to speed. By establishing highly visual practices in this period the Scrum team is able to inspect and adapt their results in their journey to towards a high-performance team. The goal of this start-up in your organisation is to have Scrum practices established, ScrumButs identified and critical ScrumAnds implemented

                For inquiries about these services please contact me.

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