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  • Experience and understand the Agile Scrum framework, practices and habits
  • Understand how to use incremental delivery to manage business stakeholders and optimise delivery of value
  • Learn the Lean product management principles to optimise productivity
  • Understand how to use empirical process control to optimise predictability
APO Course - Agile Product OwnerNowadays the world is changing more rapidly than ever before and requires businesses to adapt more quickly. Red tape, big committees and elaborate change control mechanisms impede business agility. Collaboration and empowerment are needed to be able to embrace this change so bring in the Product Owner catalyst for a steady stream of awesome products!

Product Owners are expected to allow businesses to optimise their value delivery chain, lead development teams and make planning predictable again. The Product Owner is not a committee, governance process or representative. The Product Owner is one person, fully empowered with a product vision.

Mastering the Product Owner role is hard and is about effectively combining different paradigms:
  • Top-down Lean product management principles - driven by management to eliminate waste to reduce development cycles and production costs;
  • Bottom-up Agile product engineering practices - driven by engineers to incrementally deliver product value using a fast flexible flow; 
  • Scrum product delivery framework - driven by Scrum Masters for sustainable delivery of complex products based on continuous improvement and empirical process control. 
This course addresses a significant knowledge and experience gap for business people to successfully step into the role of Product Owner using Lean Agile Scrum. For people who are already performing the role of Product Owner and possibly struggling this course can provide opportunities for improvement to become more effective.

APO Course - Agile Product Owner
Fact Sheet: APO Course - Agile Product Owner
Target AudienceProduct Managers and Product Owners responsible to lead Agile Scrum teams, manage business stakeholders and optimise delivery of value.
Also anyone who is, or will be, involved in making Product Owners more effective like business management, IT management and Scrum Masters.

Delivery Format

The APO course is delivered as a 2-day course for groups up to 15 participants to ensure sufficient interaction and have opportunities to address specific needs.

A unique aspect is that the course itself is planned, tracked and executed like a Lean Agile Scrum project: all course content is captured in a Product Backlog, delivered in time-boxes and topics are ordered to ensure the participants receive the best value possible. This also reinforces the experience of being in a real Scrum project that is highly interactive, requires discipline but is also energising. Past experiences with training conducted with Scrum, have proven to be highly successful with participants.

To improve the effectiveness of the training the participants are expected to spend a few hours on self-study. Instructions will be provided prior to, and during the training.

Course ContentThe following topics are covered in detail during this ASM course:
  1. Why Lean Agile Scrum? Provide the Agile context surrounding Lean product management and Scrum product delivery and create awareness that Lean Agile Scrum is hard and disruptive but still worth doing as part of a shift to a more Agile paradigm;
  2. What is Scrum? Scrum is simple, lightweight and highly effective and the Scrum framework "only" consists of 3 artefacts, 3 roles and 5 events;
  3. How do I do Agile Scrum? Learn and experience empirical process control, sprint planning, sprint backlogs, user stories, planning poker, affinity estimating, sprint burn-down chart, sprint reviews & retrospectives and more. This is the Scrum engine and in the course the participants will actually develop and deliver a complex product in a complex environment because only with hands-on experience you'll begin to understand, master and "see" Scrum;
  4. What is Lean product management? Learn the Lean product management principles and how they complement the Scrum product delivery framework;
  5. What do I do as Product Owner in projects and/or programs? Understand the responsibilities and corresponding practices for the Product Owner using Lean Agile Scrum:
    • Portfolio Planning (Cost of Delay, Marginal Economics)
    • Envisioning (Product Planning, Product Roadmap)
    • Release Planning (Minimal Releasable Features)
    • Business Value Planning (ROI)
    • Product Backlog Management (Requirements Management, Definition of Done, Technical Debt)
    • Total Cost of Ownership (Sustainable Product Delivery)
    • Agile Risk Management
  6. What's next in your Agile journey? Lean and Scrum is part of an ongoing Agile journey towards uncovering better ways in delivering complex products by doing it and helping others to do it.
Course Prerequisites
  • Read the Scrum Guide
  • Involved in product management and delivery
  • Want to know how to be more agile and deliver better value to customers

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