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Our Agile course portfolio is targeted at different audiences and the table below allows you to quickly find the most suitable course, or combination of courses, for you and/or your staff.

The listed courses are based on the following foundations:

  • Agile values and principles as stated in the Agile Manifesto to uncover better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it;
  • Scrum framework for complex product delivery in complex environments as defined in the Scrum Guide so development teams improve value delivery chain, productivity and predictability;
  • Lean concepts to eliminate waste with the purpose to reduce development cycles and costs;
  • Scaled Agile (SAFe) framework to deliver complex products faster using Agile Release Trains with multiple Scrum teams;
  • DSDM® Atern for managing project delivery using an Agile project management approach with rigor; 
  • Agile Project Management Body of Knowledge as established by the PMI with PMI-ACP® certification to improve project delivery capabilities;
  • Agile tracking tools like Jira and Trello for Scrum Masters and Project Managers using empirical process control to increase transparency and predictability for teams, management and stakeholders.

 For further enquiries and/or bookings please visit Agile Courses at Yellowhouse for public courses or contact Yellowhouse.

Agile Scrum Master (ASM)

Anyone who is, or will be, responsible for implementing or leading Agile Scrum teams and projects like IT people (functional/executive managers, project managers, architects, analysts, developers, testers and PMO staff), business people (project sponsors, product owners, business managers, analysts and end-users) and other stakeholders (customers, software vendors and contractors).

  • Experience, understand and learn to implement the Agile Scrum framework with corresponding values, principles and practices
  • Understand how to lead Agile Scrum teams
  • Understand how master Agile Scrum for sustainable and scalable Agile product delivery
  • Practice Agile Scrum product delivery in a safe environment
  • Achieve Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) knowledge level
2-day public/in-house course
Agile Scrum Essentials (ASE)Anyone who is, or will be, involved in Agile Scrum development teams delivering complex (software) products like developers, user representatives, testers, product owners, product managers, etc.
  • Experience and understand the Agile Scrum framework, practices and habits
  • Improve existing Agile Scrum implementations and get back to Scrum basics
  • Understand essential Agile Scrum practices like story estimating, sprint planning, Scrum compliance and continuous improvement
  • Practice Agile Scrum product delivery in a safe environment
1-day in-house course
Agile Product Owner (APO) Product Managers and Product Owners responsible to lead Agile Scrum teams, manage business stakeholders and optimise delivery of value.

Also anyone who is, or will be, involved in making Product Owners more effective like business management, IT management and Scrum Masters.
  • Experience and understand the Agile Scrum framework, practices and habits
  • Understand how to use incremental delivery to manage business stakeholders and optimise business value
  • Learn the Lean product management principles to optimise productivity
  • Understand how to use empirical process control to optimise predictability
2-day in-house course
Agile Scrum Overview
Anyone who is directing, or impacted by, Agile Scrum product delivery like executive management, IT management, team leaders, HR managers, steering committee members, business managers, business stakeholders, etc.
  • Understand the Agile Scrum framework, practices and habits
  • Understand Lean product delivery principles
  • Understand Agile Scrum scaling
0.5-day in-house course
Agile Scrum Executive
Anyone in executive management who has an interest or stake in Agile Scrum product delivery.
  • Understand the Agile Scrum framework and incrementally deliver value
  • Understand Lean product delivery and see & remove waste
  • Understand Agile Scrum scaling
2 hours in-house briefing
AgilePM™ Foundation
Project managers who are, or will be, managing projects in a complex environment using DSDM® Atern methododlogy build on solid project governance
  • Understand how to lay the foundations for successful Agile projects
  • Understand solid Agile project management governance with DSDM® Atern designed to complement PRINCE2
  • Become AgilePM Foundation certified
3-day public/in-house course
AgilePM™ PractitionerProject managers that want to assess their capabilities of applying the DSDM® Atern methodology
  • Understand how to how to apply and implement Agile principles as a project manager on a daily basis
  • Assess DSDM® Atern capabilities in a business scenario
  • Become AgilePM™ Practitioner certified
1-day public/in-house course
PMI-ACP Exam Preparation (PEP)Experienced Agile project managers who want to take their Agility to the next level and become certified by PMI
  • Understand Agile Body of Knowledge as defined by PMI
  • Cover all Agile project management knowledge domains in an effective and efficient way
  • Prepare for PMI-ACP® exam
3-day in-house course

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